St.Vincents Housing

Your life can spiral out of control when you become addicted to drugs or alcohol.
People with good jobs, families and everything going for them can lose control of their lives. They didn’t want it to happen and it’s not their fault.

St.Vincent’s exists to support them to move forwards, enabling them to live their life and look forward to the future.
The film was shot on an absolute shoe string and everyone volunteering and tells the story of one lady who, at first, is happy in her job but we gradually see things going wrong.

Director: Laurence Jarrett-Kerr
Producer: Alexis Woodward
Art Director/ Copywriter: Laurence Jarrett-Kerr
Director of Photography: Louie Blystad-Collins
Makeup: Jessika Willerton
Actor: Jemma Reynolds

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The latest work

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