Why would you hire a marketing strategy graphic designer type?

A bit about me

I have been a freelancer for three years working for many high street brands.
But working in marketing, strategy, design and advertising fields for over 10 years.
I have a growing family here in Bristol.
I balance my time between them and work, working hard and playing hard.
I have been freelancing directly for design and advertising agencies but I’m looking to work more with my own clients so I have more control over who I work with and the creative output. 

What do I do?

I create work I believe in for brands or people that are positively impacting the world.
I commit to creative work that will make a big difference to small brands.
I can be a one-man marketing team for small companies due to my rounded skill set, offering both marketing strategy and design work.
My little black book of contacts, photographers, illustrators, UX designers lets me call on others to do the bits I can’t do.
When there is so much choice of where to invest in marketing, I can help brands make the tough marketing calls.
Do you need help deciphering where to spend money to most effectively reach your market?
My job is to capture attention in a visually cluttered world.
I bring all this together singlemindedly, executed into a beautiful and creative peace of advertising or marketing communication.
I can execute in print advertising, video, social, online or digial marketing and direct marketing including tradition direct mail or eCRM (email marketing).

What brands can I help? 

I want to help change small brands and start ups.
I want them to concentrate on what they do best. Making things.
I want to tell their story and get people to buy that product.

What result do you get from me?

You buy marketing strategy help.
I really seek to understand your brand, this can take the form of desktop research, interviews with you and the staff, interviews with the market and/or workshops.
I come up with a strategic marketing plan and a strategic creative idea that will fix your problem.
I then execute this idea. Doing much of the work myself but also using creative contacts.


So please do get in touch if you have a marketing problem that you might need fixing. 

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